Hi and welcome! I’m Ben an iOS developer based in Brighton, UK.  I’ve started this website to showcase some of the apps I’ve built, as well as use this as a platform to educate and guide new iOS developers. You can find all my guides and educational content on my Swift programming Blog.


Swift, Unit Testing, Alamofire, CocoaPods, Git, REST, JSON, XML, Agile Development, SCRUM, Realm, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text, UIKit, Firebase, Notifications, Messaging, Design Patterns, SwiftyJson, TestFlight and more.

Sketch and Adobe Photoshop

Apps developed

Coming soon.


I am interested in iOS development, game development, machine learning and Alexa skills development. In my spare time you can either catch me learning a new framework, downing pints, skiing down a few black runs or learning Mauy Thai.

Where you can find me

GitHub – @clarkeben

Twitter – @vikingskullapps

Instagram – @thedrunkskiier